Equine Hydrotherapy

“Our water treadmill is at the core of our rehabilitation facility here, at Marston Stud. As an equine osteopath, I realised the gains that could be made were useful for all equines but the results I have seen go far beyond what I had imagined were possible.”
Natasha Halliday

Horses are carefully introduced to the water treadmill with care taken to ensure that even the most nervous horse enjoys and benefits from the experience. The water depth initially starts about hoof height and over several weeks progresses (where applicable) to hock or even elbow height. All horses, no matter what their chosen discipline can improve from regular use of the water treadmill. These benefits include:

  • Controlled exercise programs on an even surface in a straight line
  • Variable water depth for targeting specific muscle group development
  • Development of core strength through gentle resistance from the water
  • Our chilled water (water is not chilled on many water treadmills) reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Low impact exercise to minimise concussion
  • Re-education and strengthening to improve straightness and bi or unilateral gate asymmetry
  • Rehabilitation of soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries
  • Aids and speeds up post exertion recovery times
  • Increases fitness and endurance

Other benefits that have been reported to us from our clients:

  • Improved cadence and stride length
  • Improved rein contact
  • Improved push from behind and better behind over a fence
  • No longer rushing to fences
  • No longer “hollowed out” behind shoulder blade
  • More topline and correction of muscle asymmetry
  • Better neck musculature with less muscle underneath  the neck
  • Less stumbling/tripping
  • Big improvement in endurance and recovery times when used as stand alone fitness tool (when replacing all fast and endurance work)
  • Improvement in quality of hoof structure.

We also have a chilled water spa for those horses just requiring cryotherapy without exercise.

This is extremely beneficial:

  • To reduce post exertional inflammation (post -race or after a competition)
  • Reduce the effects of concussion(sore shins or jarred up)
  • Reduce inflammation and bruising after a kick or a knock
  • Reduces windgall size and annular ligament flare ups
  • Reduces lactic acid and therefore stiffness

To discuss any requirements that your horse may have and to book please contact Emma on 07747 234845

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